How To Get Adrenal Fatigue Help: Cutting To The Quick

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Here you are, right now, this day, this moment. You are tired both physically and frankly tired by trying to get on top of your health.

You have figured out you are dealing with adrenal fatigue but you are completely overwhelmed by the deluge of information on how to get adrenal fatigue help.

I get it.

It is COMPLETELY overwhelming.

I am here to help you cut to the quick by directing you to the book which got me on the right path to health.

Just Give Me A Pill, Please

If you are anywhere near the point of illness I was at, you probably are hoping for a nicely packaged gel coated pill that will promise your health back in 30 days or fewer. Am I right?

I honestly wish with every cell of my being I could say, “GO HERE!” However, I can’t.

Think of this, how long did it take your body to get to this state? Two years when you start the traveling job? Maybe it’s been ten years ago when you got in that skiing accident? Maybe you grew up in an uber dysfunctional home, like me, and you’ve been running on adrenaline most of your life.

Use this perspective to your advantage; what took years to breakdown will also take time to build back up. Remember the cliche’: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

In fact, the average recovery time, following all guidelines given, is two years.

Honest: It’s ONLY Two Yearscalendar for time

Two years may seem like a long time, but please, go back and reread the above perspective. You’re amazing and resilient body resisted break down for many years. Now, in perspective, it will only take approximately two years to build back up.

This is exciting! You have hope! You are not resigned to feeling like a hyper-emotional slug for the rest of you life.


Do a little dance, if you have the energy, if you don’t at least let out a WHOOP!


As I write this to you, friend, I seriously desire for you to be encouraged!

When I began to utilize the guidelines’ in Dr. Wilson’s book, for me personally, I began to notice a revitalization in my health after one month. There were subtle shifts but they were shifts. For instance, even though I still would wake up at night, it would only take me 15 minutes to get back to sleep instead of 2 hours. Another was my ability to not overreact to my children’s messes. Most unfortunately, at my worst, I was so hyper-emotional that when my kids would make a mistake I would want to punch the wall. I didn’t, thank God. Instead, I would remove myself to my closet, curl up into a ball, and cry from shame, bewilderment and emotion. Honestly, this shift was my greatest motivator to continue with all the guidelines given.

How Hard Is It Really?kids running determinedly

This question, while relative, is answerable. I think it has a lot to do with how desperate you are. I encourage you to really think about who you are now as a person compared to who you were. Another question to ask yourself is, do you really want to be who you were?

While that question sounds like a “no brainer”, it is a very important one. If who you were before got you to this place you’re in now, are you positive you want to be that person again?

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason – everything. What if this collapse of your health is actually an unrecognized gift to become someone better? A calmer, kinder, more understanding person than previously? Perhaps for many years you have desired to “not sweat the small stuff”, but you have just never been able to. However, in this place of opportunity to heal your adrenal fatigue, you will learn how to do just that. It’s a fundamental guideline in healing.

Even contemplating this syndrome as a gift is a HUGE leap in the direction of managing stress. Word up, you absolutely can NOT escape stress (well, unless you have unlimited financial funds and can go live on a mountain top surrounded by nothing but what you want but wait – you’d eventually get lonely and loneliness is stressful – ha).

Managing stress is learning how to change your perspective. I call it doing “the flip”. It is the mental and emotional exercise of flipping one’s perspective. It takes practice and considerable dedication and it is absolutely possible.

flipping over

Here are a couple of real life examples:

As I built this website, I was moving into a new house. My new house is located remotely in the mountains, therefore, my internet service is good old-fashioned satellite service. As luck would have it, the winter of moving in was one of the most intense on record for decades. Needless to say, my internet service was incredibly unreliable and at one point a critical part of the satellite was blown off; it took 10 days for the repairman to replace. My initial reaction was one of frustration and some anger, I was on this amazing roll of creating content for my website and it all came to one huge screeching halt. I took a moment, grabbed my cup of tea, and sat by the fire. I stilled my thoughts and choose to look at “the flip”.

What I discovered was the reality that I hadn’t even enjoyed my beautiful new house and property yet. I realized that the interim of no internet provided the time to explore my surroundings. Therefore, I went out for walks, introduced myself to my new neighbors and hung up photographs on my walls.

I managed my stress.

A simpler example, which I encourage my husband in all the time, is “road rage”.

traffic calming device sign

I’m confident many of you can relate!

The next time you are cut off, choose to do “the flip”. Choose to think that maybe that guy is rushing home to pick his wife up to go to the hospital to have their baby. Choose to think that teen is trying to make it home by curfew so he doesn’t get grounded. Choose to think that the elderly lady hasn’t been out of her lonely house for days and just needs to go to Walmart to be around people. A simple choice to react with mercy and understanding literally releases different chemicals in your body.

Rather than the fight or flight chemicals being released, which are for survival situations, you release naturally produced calming chemicals.

Start With One Thing

Who doesn’t want those calm chemicals?

Obviously, many many of us do. A multi-billion dollar industry exists in giving out pharmaceutical drugs to people to give calm chemicals. Or the other side where alcohol and marijuana abuse exist.

So today I encourage you to start with one thing. Either buy Dr. Wilson’s book or begin practicing “the flip”.

If you purchase the book, read it cover to cover, seriously.

If you practice “the flip”, start recording your progress in a notebook. This simple act of record keeping will empower you on your ability to change and to continue.

Leave a comment on your journey. I love interaction!

With blessings upon you,





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