Adrenal Fatigue Remedies: Four Building Blocks Right Now

Assuming you are where I was four years ago, you are in need of adrenal fatigue remedies right now! While healing of this condition does take time, I will give you FOUR

foundation building blocks

 BUILDING BLOCKS  to begin doing today!

Much like building a house, a solid foundation is needed. Think of these four building blocks as the foundation to your overall healing, they are the what the rest of your journey will be built upon.

In my own healing, I found the following suggestions’ to be pivotal, easy to implement AND just within a matter of a few weeks, I noticed steps towards healing.

Block 1: Movement

Yes, I just said movement. I dearly hope you realized I did NOT use the dreaded word exercise. HA! While I personally LOVE to exercise, I mean I grew up by a mountain lake, I am fully aware many humans do not share my enthusiasm. I am also fully aware that when you are battling adrenal fatigue exercising is overwhelming. Thus, the word movement is key.

What exactly do I mean by movement? More than shifting your position on the couch to get a better view of The Office but less than running a marathon.

Why is movement so important when I am so incredibly exhausted? The number one reason is emotional. Movement triggers the happy hormones so desperately needed to combat the sense of hopelessness, meaninglessness and overall sluggishness felt when battling adrenal fatigue. We need to remind our bodies to produce the happy hormones, which are not made in the adrenals, thank goodness.

This being said, the type of movement is key; crucial in fact. We do not want to go and move to the extreme, pushing our bodies beyond what they are capable of at this time. If we were to do such movement, we would only defeat the purpose of this building block, we would negatively stress our bodies and begin to call on our adrenals to give us those “fight or flight’ hormones to push through.

Ever heard the term “adrenaline junkies”? I know quite a few, myself being one when I was younger. The extreme sports type, ever pushing higher and longer and faster. It is a rush – but without proper recovery for the adrenals – sad things happen.

Personally, I’m convinced my training for a marathon at 41 was the one of the final straws that broke this camel’s back.

Now what type of movement should one do? Here are some following guidelines to help you determine what type of movement is suited for yourself; because we want this movement to be a lasting life long commitment.dancing movement

– Do you like it? Seriously, if the idea of running makes you clench your teeth, don’t do it! If the concept of shaking your booty in front of a mirror to Latino rhythms brings a chuckle, your may want to try Zumba. Perhaps, you need to be in a more controlled environment, I suggest the Classical Stretch videos. They are primarily based off of Tai Chi but with more physical science on how the body moves. It is similar to a yoga class but with more movement. It’s as if yoga, Pilates, barre and Tai Chi all had a baby. You get strengthening, flexibility and a mild nonimpact cardio all in one. It’s a beautiful thing.

– What is your fitness level? Are you a professional cushion holder? Or are your used to running up mountains? You need to begin where you already are, otherwise you’ll get discouraged and bored. If you are just beginning I suggest Season 1 through 4 of the classical stretch videos; if you are a seasoned athlete try the Essentrics videos. The Essentrics videos are based on the same principles of Classical Stretch but they are longer and were developed to train professional athletes. You will likely recognize some pro hockey players and Olympians on these videos.

– Are you an introvert or extrovert? Do you gain energy being alone or surrounded by people? If you get energized by moments alone, please, do not join a class. The extra socialization will only give you negative stress, which will activate your adrenals, defeating the purpose. If you are like me and simply being surrounded by humanity energizes, joining a class or a gym will be beneficial. Exercising at home will become lonely and isolating.


Block 2: Laughter

This one may surprise you, however, laughter is vital! Just as exercise produces happy hormones, so does laughter.

Have your ever heard of a man named Linus Pauling? He was a brilliant chemist who won TWO Nobel prizes. He contracted cancer. He wrote a groundbreaking book, with his colleague Abram Hoffer, called HEALING CANCER; along with high doses of Vitamin C and other nutritional supplements, Dr. Pauling attributed his healing to laughter. He documents spending hours every day watching Three Stooges videos to induce laughter.

If laughter can be attributed to the healing of cancer, one of the scariest diseases today, how much more helpful will laughter be to a condition directly attributed to an over-abundance of negative stress hormones?

What makes you laugh?lady laughing

Personally, I have a pocket full of “go-tos”. I’ll share them. Perhaps they will make you laugh as well, if nothing else, they will get you thinking.

1) Madea movies by Tyler Perry. Madea pretty much says and does everything I’ve ever wanted but the limits of social mores prohibit me.

2) Zumba class. Watching my white butt trying to get all Latino makes me laugh so hard I end up working my abs!

3) My sister. She’s been my best friend since the day she was born. We share the same odd cheeky sense of humor that most everyone else in the world just doesn’t seem to understand.

What are your top three?

Aim to laugh every single day. Laughter really is that important.

Block 3: Sleep

Sleep. Most of us who suffer from adrenal fatigue find a full nights sleep elusive at best, however, sleep is incredibly important.

Sleep is when our bodies heal.

I am not a proponent of sleep medication. To often an addictive habit is formed, I do suggest herbal aids. Herbal infusions and herbal capsules work with your body.

My first suggestion is to speak with your naturopath. My naturopath makes an in-house tincture which enables me to sleep well through the night without waking up groggy. My husba


nd will take it before bed if his workday has been exceptionally stressful.

I can also recommend two other herbal sleep aids.

The first is Sleepytime Tea EXTRA by Celestial Seasonings. This tea is pleasant tasting and truly does promote relaxation and sleep. Make sure to steep for about 10 to 12 minutes for maximum effect. The only caveat to this tea is Valerian. Valerian can cause weird dreams in some people; just so you know.

sleepy time extra tea


The second is Night Rest with Melatonin by Source Naturals. This capsule is not only herbal but also contains the minerals magnesium and sodium as well as the amino acids taurine and glycine. It also contains the neurotransmitter GABA and the hormone melatonin. I use Night Rest as a last resort as it does make one feel groggy upon waking up. This capsule is pretty potent. There are a few cautions with this product.

night time sleep


Magnesium can cause your bowels to increase in activity. The amount in Night Rest is pretty small but everyone reacts differently.

The sodium content is only 5 mg; however, if you are watching your sodium intake, you will need to take this small amount into account.

The reasearch on GABA is mixed. It seems that if you are low in this neurotransmitter it will promote relaxation, if you are not then your body will just excrete it.

Melatonin only produces relaxation in some people. Should you prove to be low in melatonin, you will be helped dramatically. Those who are not low, like my two daughters, will have a reverse effect; melatonin will make you become wide awake. Unfortunately, the only way to find how you react to melatonin is to try it. I suggest you try Night Rest on the weekend, just in case.

Block 4: Food

I’m pretty sure you knew this was coming. As Hippocrates said, over a thousand years ago, “Food is medicine.”

It is.

The ordinary First World diet is filled with vast amounts of sodium, simple sugars, toxic chemicals, hormones and many foods are genetically modified. These types of bodies tax our bodies. Many times during the digestion process, the molecules modern day food is broken down to is either unusable or even worse recognized by our bodies as toxic; therefore our bodies fight these molecules. This fighting mechanism in turns over stresses our bodies and yep, you guessed it, the adrenals are overtaxed. For many with adrenal fatigue, foods with the gluten protein overwhelm the body too.

Conversely, there are foods that will help heal your body. Foods that are non-GMO, have no chemicals and hormones, and lack excessive amounts of sodium and simple sugar.

A simple list of foods to AVOID:

– processed meats

– white bread, pasta, rice, white flour of any kind, white potatoes

– simple sugars such as soda pop, candy, cakes, pies, doughnuts, granulated and brown sugar

– chemically processed sugar substitutes such as aspartame, sucralose, neotame, saccharine, hydrolysate, isomalt,lactitol, and maltitol.

– pasteurized dairy. Most dairy is an inflammatory for the human digestion system due to the complex proteins of both casein and whey. A process of lacto-fermentation, found in hard cheese, yogurt and kefir, break these proteins down.

– heat processed vegetable oils.

– heavily sprayed fruits and veggies

A simple list of foods to EAT:

– grass fed beef or pastured chicken

– raw nuts and seeds

– healthy fats: coconut oil, avocados, cold pressed vegetable oils, fat from grass fed animals

– raw local honey or raw stevia

– lacto-fermented non sweetened dairy such as yogurt, kefir and hard cheese (Parmesan, cave-aged cheddar…)

– fruit and veggies which haven’t been sprayed with toxic chemicals. See the list for the Dirty Dozen.

If you are in need of a guided diet plan and shopping list, I suggest the Whole 30 or the Paleo diet. These two will get you off to an easy start and form a great habit. My personal favorite book is Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo, BS, NC.


The Foundation Is Poured, Now Let It Set Up

With the above 4 building blocks, the foundation is poured. If you ever watched the building process, you understand that after concrete is poured it now must be left to dry and set up. This takes a bit of time, but the integrity and strength of the concrete happens as the sun’s warmth and the air around wick the moisture away.

So it is with the 4 immediate suggestions’ given. You may notice small improvements after just a week, or it may take 2 or 3, however, if you commit to the above you WILL see improvements. The building blocks require lifestyle changes with very little monetary investment.

To move forward from here, I suggest your purchase Dr. James Wilson’s book, it has all the information you need.

Also, keep reading here at I am here with you. I’ve been on this journey for 4 years. I understand and truly do want to see you live your life fully again!










  • This is article is a very informative article. I agree with all 4 suggestions that you have provided. It really seems like they are reasonable and really will work overcome adrenal fatigue. I love to laugh, I know personally that this is a great way to feel a lot better in life. And, it is great for the health. I also know that movement is very helpful as well, because, It helps gets the blood flowing and the brain thinking clearer. I also noticed that sleep helps a lot as well. It will re-energize the body. Thank you for taking the time to write this awesome article.

    • Lakisha, I’m so glad to hear that laughter is a part of your life! It is such an important to holistic health! What are some of your favorite “go-tos” that make you laugh?

  • Hi Suzanne,
    So funny I came across your post tonight. I’ve been so exhausted lately . Just the other day I went to the gym…and sat in the parking lot…and left. Lol. I’m actually a very active person (usually) it’s just as a woman I have those wonderful weeks where I’m about as active as a “cushion warmer.” I have been trying to get to bed at least an hour earlier to get more sleep as you suggested and I love the tea you mentioned above. It’s very soothing before bedtime. Thank you for the great advice. Maybe the other day rather than try to hit the gym as I usually do (which is probably why my fingers started the car to leave) I should have just went in and maybe cycled for a bit and gone home. I love the approach you take with all four of your steps listed. I’ve taken them to heart and will get started immediately! Thank you for the informative write up:)

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I’m so thankful to hear these 4 steps were helpful to you! I still have those days of exhaustion. I encourage you to listen to your body and maybe try a Pilates or yoga class, something gentle and restorative. Depending on where you live and the season a walk or a hike always gets be centered. If you would like more guides, feel free to read my other posts.
      Walk Blessed!

  • Hi Suzanne, thank you so much for sharing this post. I loved the section about “MOVEMENT” the most. I’ve never been the best at keeping to an exercise regime, but just knowing that movement of any kind can help combat fatigue is awesome. I’d also suggest that WATER is another building block to combat adrenal fatigue naturally – would you agree? I’m sure we don’t drink enough of it these days! Thanks again for such a well written article. Cheers, Karen

    • Hi Karen,
      You’re exactly right, ANY type of movement is key. Hopefully, you can implement some type you enjoy on a daily basis. I’m confident you’ll see improvement quickly. The water issue is a bit more complex. We definitely DO need to drink water and most people of the first world do not drink enough. However, drinking to much can make a person just as tired. Water in excess will deplete much needed electrolytes. The recommended amount of water, by most health practitioners, for an average adult woman of moderate activity, is 6 to 7 8oz glasses per day. Hope that helps!

  • Hi Suzanne, this is just so interesting as I know I have suffered from this and am probably still recovering. My problem is I just don’t want to stop exercising, that thought is just abhorrent to me but I know I should cut it down. I didn’t sleep well for years and was in an abusive relationship, which I’m sure was at the root of it. Anyway, I am working with a herbalist now to heal the problem, but your list is fantastic. Thanks.

    • Hi Stefanie!

      I am so here for you! Recovery takes time, although these are 4 things to do right away. I encourage you to stay on your path of healing and to read the other posts I’ve made. They go into much more detail. I dearly hope the best recovery to you. Feel free to continue reaching out to me!

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