Welcome to healadrenalfatiguenaturally.com! I, Suzanne, am a so thankful you are here; thankful for you and for myself. I truly hope my journey brings healing and hope.


I grew up in an idyllic mountain town in the Northwestern United States. My child hood home was only a trailer with an addition, however, it was located on a small mountain lake. Literally. The front yard merged into the lake shore. Due to an upbringing like this, I naturally became a highly active out-of-doors person. Forever a go-getter woman in life, I worked my way through college, worked and played with my husband, ran several small businesses while homeschooling my children and also did missions work and planted a church with my husband. Honestly, I thrived.m valley

I thrived up until somewhere in 2013.

In 2013, my vitality began to ebb. At first, it was subtle. Small things such as waking up during the night (other than pregnancy I have always slept well), waking up tired, and adult acne. Over the course of the following months, other things begin to happen, not so subtle:

-waking up and not being able to go back to sleep,

-heart palpitations,

-exhausted during the day, where I would sleep 4-8 hours and my family couldn’t wake me up (and when I did wake up I was still exhausted),

-salt cravings so intense I would sprinkle salt on my palm and lick it off – repeatedly,

-mood swings, volatile and unpredictable mood swings.

It was hellish. It was hellish on me, my husband and my two beautiful kids.

I contacted a Natruopathic Endocrinologist who instructed me to take a spit test. The results indicated I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS, and high estrogen. I went on bio compatible hormones, many recommended supplements, and tweaked my gluten-free, dairy-free, mostly organic diet even more.

Many of my symptoms ebbed. But NOT all. I continued to struggle with sleep issues, heart palpitations and extreme tiredness. I was beginning to resign myself to a “new normal”. The new normal of no more long mountain hikes, giving up running, making my adventures shorter and less strenuous. I even shut down my online business.

hopeless face

I was fighting a sense of hopelessness.


Enter my sister-in-law. She and I were out to breakfast, as I opened up about my continued symptoms and resignation, she suggested I read a very specific book on Adrenal Fatigue. She detailed the contents. As she described the book, I KNEW in my gut this book was my path to healing. I ordered the book right then at breakfast off my smartphone.

Upon receiving the book, I absorbed it. I ordered the appropriate supplements recommended by the author, and endocrinologist specializing in adrenal fatigue. I changed the way I worked out. I readjusted my diet once again, actually eating more and less rigid – yay me! I even did a relationship assessment with all the people in my life.

Healing was NOT overnight, however, after just one month – ONE MONTH – there were enough positive changes that others, not family, noticed. After a year I was close to 60% better and by 2 years 90%.

Today, at close to 4 years, I am myself once again. I DO still take supplements. I DO still exercise as recommended. I DO keep toxic habits out of my life. I made a LIFESTYLE change.

I sleep through the night once again. I work full time once again. I do long mountain hikes once again. I am a stable personality.



Adrenal Fatigue is epidemic. Perhaps even pandemic. However, adrenal fatigue is rarely diagnosed and is often overlooked because it is a root cause. Many other recognizable issues are triggered by undetected adrenal fatigue, like my CFS.

I truly desire to see you heal. I desire to share in your experience of regaining your vitality. I desire to walk with you in your own journey.seedling growth

Just as I said above, I never wish anyone else to suffer the way I did – ever.


Through my journey, I will share not only the book that brought me back from the rabbit hole. I will also share the best brands of supplements, exercise videos and programs, best types of food, and lifestyles habits.

I mean seriously, have you ever entered a supplement store? Or googled a supplement type? Sheesh! There are 100,000’s out there.

I want to help you with all my trial-and-error on all the book recommendations. I want to save you time, money and stress.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
With All Hope,









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